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Shannon S.

Primary Subject:
professional development

Teaching is my passion, my calling. I began teaching as an adult career changer, and have taught for 9 years in Illinois and 3 years in Japan. Helping my students - middle schoolers and adults - investigate, discover and grow is the best part of my day!

I have experience teaching social studies, reading, mathematics, English as a new language, and science to middle schoolers. I also offer professional development learning for teachers.

My favorite part of teaching is the AHA! moment that my students, both young and mature, experience when understanding clicks. I focus my instruction around student's needs, which means that class always begins with a survey. In this way, I know what my students want to learn, and where I can help them grow.

In addition to teaching, I am an avid traveler and camper. I love taking field trips, and hope to offer some virtual field trips on The Brainery!