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Class Rules

Updated August 15, 2020

Who We Are

The Brainery, Inc. is an online marketplace for learning opportunities. We partner with the best certified educators to provide students aged 8 to adult with quality online classes and courses that make learning fun and exciting.

Who Are Our Teachers

Our teachers are, quite simply, the best! Each and every teacher is a state-certified educator who has teaching experience. Our teachers know and understand how people learn, and are experts at developing fun, engaging lessons. They deliver quality instruction that challenges, motivates, and encourages. Our teachers use their training, education and experience to teach what they love!

Each teacher is thoroughly screened. Screening involves:
  • Teaching certification verification.
  • Social Security background check, which includes a second teaching certification verification;
  • Interview (if necessary).

What We Believe

Everything that we do at The Brainery, Inc. is guided by three core values:
  • We believe that certified educators are the strongest teachers. We have been taught – both in our work and in our education – how humans learn, and how to develop and deliver quality instruction. Our teachers are, quite simply, the best, and we only partner with professional educators. 
  • We believe that teachers need to teach and learners need to learn. Our needs are met when we work as one and empower each other. When we get it right, life is awesome! When we need to improve, we listen, reflect, and change.
  • We believe that teaching and learning are one and the same… and are fun! We are a team that creates a learning environment that is inclusive, engaging, kind and supportive. Always.

What We Teach

Only approved teachers can sell classes at The Brainery. Each class is approved or declined, according to the Class Rules for What We Teach. Some of the criteria The Brainery uses for class approval include:
  • The class is age and developmentally appropriate. Each grade and grade band requires unique content, as well as instructional delivery. For example, middle school students THRIVE with game-based instruction, while an AP Chemistry class might require a different approach in order to meet learning objectives. 
  • If your class is for adult learners, research whether or not the learner can apply for graduate or professional development credit. If this is an option, reach out to for additional steps to list the class. We encourage professional development credits, as they help our students grow in their career!
  • Classes must be safe places, and thus cannot include “adult” content. All classes must be safe from offensive material, including obscene or offensive language, images or technology.
  • The class must be aligned to national standards. While standards may feel “academic,” there is the ability to align enrichment classes to standards. For example, dog training could include CCSS informational text standards, and would certainly align to NGSS life science standards.
  • The class empowers teachers, students and parents. At times, coursework can delve into sensitive topics. In that instance, The Brainery works directly with teachers to ensure a class, including the content, learning activities, and approach to the topic, empower our students, parents and the teacher her/himself. Obviously, classes that promote hate or divisiveness will be rejected, and the teacher may be removed from The Brainery.
  • The class is inclusive. All learners need to learn, and all teachers need to teach. Together, we can ensure that all learners, and especially those with unique learning needs, are included seamlessly and in ways that create a safe, diverse, enjoyable and exciting learning ecosystem. Where additional support is anticipated or needed, PLEASE reach out to
  • The class is based in one of the categories allowed. All classes must be secular, and all teachers respect religious diversity and diversity of opinion.
  • The class is kind. Teachers encourage a positive learning environment, always.

How We Teach
  • Because this is a marketplace, teachers teach using their platform of choice. This can be Google Classroom, Google Meet, Edmodo, Moodle, YouTube, Zoom, Canvas…. It is up to the individual teacher but must be age/developmentally appropriate for the age range taught, and must include ways for the teacher to communicate with students and parents.
  • Teachers MUST record any live video classes and upload/share the video file to their file folder on The Brainery’s Google drive.
  • If teachers use apps or technology that they own or are for public use, they are responsible for making sure that their usage of the app or technology is age/developmentally appropriate, safe and respects the copyright of the app or technology.

How We Learn
  • All students need a computer with a microphone and camera and Internet access. Each class is unique, with unique requirements. It is important to read the class listing carefully and make sure you have all of the necessities. For example, ukulele lessons will certainly require you to have a ukulele! 
  • Learners need to learn, and in order to learn, need to participate! Attendance is mandatory, and it is the teacher’s discretion as to whether missed classes can be made up. A refund will not be given for missed sessions or no-shows. 
  • Learning is work, FUN work. Just like in a brick and mortar school, assignments need to be completed in a timely fashion. 
  • If students need accommodations or modifications in order to be successful, The Brainery will work with parents and teachers to make sure that every effort is made to ensure your child’s success. PLEASE reach out to if your child has unique learning needs. 
  • All learners need to work together to create a kind, inclusive, safe learning environment. Students are expected to encourage each other and show good team behavior. Where there are concerns, these may be addressed between the teacher and student, teacher and parent, and The Brainery and the parent. If issues with positive behavior continue, the child may be removed as a learner from The Brainery. 
  • Children need to learn independence, and benefit from participating without parental involvement in the classes. Where a child has unique learning needs, please contact

How We Pay
  • Teachers set the tuition charge for each class, and The Brainery charges a 30% fee. 
  • Teachers will be paid through PayPal. Teachers must have a PayPal account.
  • Teachers are paid after their classes are taught. For multisession classes, teachers are paid a prorated amount for classes taught. Pay is through Paypal  on a weekly basis.

How We Charge
  • Payment in full is required at the time of enrollment. 
  • If your child is going to use a voucher to pay tuition, contact and we will walk you through the process. Charter schools have very formal, specific requirements to approve payment. If you pay the tuition, we can only offer a full refund if you cancel your enrollment 3 days prior to the start of class.
  • Learning requires participation! Attendance is mandatory, If you or your child misses class, a refund will not be given. 
  • All Classes: We will give a full refund if you cancel enrollment within 3 days of the class beginning.
  • One-Time Only Classes: We will give a 50% refund if you cancel enrollment between 3 days and the beginning of class.
  • One-Time Only Classes: We will not give a refund once the class begins.
  • Multi-Session Classes: We will give a prorated refund for a multi-session class if you cancel 3 or less days before the class starts.
  • Multi-Session Classes: Together with the teacher, The Brainery will determine, on a case-by-case basis, the amount of the prorated refund we can give if you cancel after the first session begins.