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Madame Anna

Primary Subject:

I was born in Moscow, Russia. I speak French, Russian, English, Hebrew and Spanish.  I am a Massachusetts-certified teacher in French for grades 5-12 and, I have a teaching degree from the Institute of Foreign Languages, Moscow, Russia. I have been teaching in Massachusetts for 12 years, both in K-12 schools as well as evening programs for adults.

My philosophy of teaching foreign languages comes from my own personal experience as a student, tutor, and a teacher. I have always been interested in teaching others. I consider the methods used by my own teachers as well as to monitor the progress of students I help or teach. I believe that the target language should be used as much as possible in the classroom, The teacher should make the class fun and enjoyable for the students, and the students should be as involved as possible.

In my classes the students are answering questions, making dialogue, singing songs, playing games and doing projects. I believe that classroom instruction should focus on creating an environment as similar to immersion as possible. Teachers should make every effort to only use the target language and encourage students to realize that communication is key. As I learn new methods, I constantly modify my teaching methods in a search of the most optimal way to help students acquire language.