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John Will

Primary Subject:

My name is John Will. I was a middle and high school teacher for nine years, specializing in English and history. In 2018 I finished my Master's degree in Fine Arts in Creative Writing. My MFA is a terminal degree, meaning that I am qualified teach at the college level. Also in 2018, I published my first novel, an historically fictive memoir called The Castle in My Dreams. For as long as I can remember, I have been a story-teller and want to pass the art of storytelling along to anyone who has a story to tell, but might not feel confident telling it. Everyone has a voice, and it is important that we share those voices with each other, and I will help you learn to make your voice compelling. I have a lifelong love of the outdoors, and spend every moment that I can experiencing the wonder of the natural world, and trying to pass that love along to my children. Because of my experience, I am inspired to help others explore their passions, and to become the type of writer, and thinker, that they desire to be.